1. If the new construction home we like is already sold, can we have the house built on a different lot? Yes!  Based upon lot availability, how the house fits on the lot, and your time frame, we are happy to help you get the home you want.

2. Can we make interior/exterior selections? If items have not already been selected, you may make selections within the  builder’s allowance.  We have many samples at our office to choose from and can also direct you to suppliers if necessary.  All selections are based on availability and the timeliness  in which selections are made and must be from our suppliers only.  Feel free to ask what items you may be able to choose.

3. How soon can the house be completed? Depending on factors such as weather, delivery of items like cabinets and counter tops, we can speed up the building process as much as possible.  If you have a timeline or move- in date in mind, we can promptly tell you if we can have the house completed.  This also depends on the financing the buyer has chosen and time issues associated with the loan.

4. What kind of warranty comes with a new construction home? Pankratz Construction presents a 1 year builder’s warranty beginning the day we close.  Many appliances and other items in the home come with their own warranties.

5. How do we contact Pankratz Construction after we move if we have any questions or concerns? Upon closing, buyers are given contact information for Pankratz Construction and Jason Pankratz.

6. What inspections have been made on the home during the construction process? Multiple times throughout the construction process, codes officials inspect various aspects of construction to ensure proper installation.  In addition, a Certificate of Occupancy is granted from the local building codes department when the home is complete.  We encourage home inspections to make the buyer feel assured they are getting the best quality home possible.

7.  Will we have an opportunity to walk through the home prior to closing? Absolutely!  Prior to closing and after the home is completed, you and your agent will walk through the home and address any questions you may have.  You will also have the opportunity to make sure the home is in satisfactory condition and look for any minor last-minute issues such as paint touch-up.   Our goal is to provide a clean, quality built home for you to move in to.

8. How long has Pankratz Construction been building homes in Blount County? Jason Pankratz has been a licensed contractor since 1998 and has built in excess of 1,000 homes.  Many employees have been with Pankratz Construction for several years.  We encourage you to knock on doors in the neighborhoods we build in, and ask a real estate agent, co-worker, or community member if they have heard of Pankratz Construction or lived in one of our homes.  Our reputation is important to us and we strive to make sure every home owner enjoys their home for many years!

9.  How do I get more information about the houses Pankratz Construction offers or if I am interested in buying? We encourage communication between real estate agents and think it’s best for all parties involved.  If you are working with a realtor, please ask them to contact Jackie Pankratz, the listing agent, or if you are not represented, feel free to contact Jackie directly.

10. Can we purchase a Pankratz home if we need VA or FHA financing?    Yes.  Pankratz Construction is a VA and FHA approved builder.                                                                                                                                 

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